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Pain Free and 100% effective. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

The Kick-Stop Method is a revolution when it comes to equine behaviour therapy. In under 30 minutes, the horse will be cured from stall kicking forever. The Kick-Stop Method uses an emotional response that you yourself might know: Surprise. If a horse engages in stall-kicking and is surprised simultaneously, it will invariably stop kicking. but how do we instantly surprise the horse when it stall-kicks?

The Kick-Stop Mat is made of a rubber compound which is minimally conductive. This means that we can have a slight electric current in the mat - about 1/40th the charge of an electric fence. The charge is so weak that you can keep you hand on a live mat and only feel a slight tingle in your hand. We can therefore assure you that your horse feels absolutely no pain.

  • Step 1: The horse is introduced to a dead mat

    It's important to let the horse get comfortable with the new addition to it's stable box.

  • Step 2: Horse kicks the live mat

    After the surprise, the horse might be startled but will quickly calm down. Remember, the electricity is so weak that your horse does not feel any pain.

  • Step 3: The electricity is cut forever but the mat remains in it's spot.

    Your horse is now cured of stall kicking and the the mat acts as a psychological barrier for the horse. Therefore, the mat must stay with the horse in it's stall, so the habit doesn't start again.

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Watch the video below to see how the Kick-Stop Mat works in practice.

Installation Guide


Please remember that Kick-Stop can't and shouldn't replace proper exercise, feed and/or general care for your horse. We only condone proper and loving care for your equine companion.