Meet the Kick-Stop Method

Transform your horse's life with Kick-Stop, the one-stop remedy for stall kicking. With our innovative method, you can cure stall kicking in your horse.

How does it work?

It's time to eliminate stall kicking

Injures your horse

Repeated kicking can cause injury to the horse's legs. The force of kicking against a solid surface like a stall wall can lead to bruises, cuts, hoof problems, and in severe cases, fractures or joint damage. Read more about the dangers of stall kicking here.

It spreads

Constant kicking can be noisy and disruptive and it can stress other horses who will respond by kicking in their own stables.

It's expensive

Persistent kicking can damage the stall itself. This not only requires repairs but also poses a risk of injury to the horse from exposed nails, splintered wood, or sharp edges.